Its a funny thing actually.. but there is
great value in the diversity and
unrelatedness of crowds.

A crowd of strangers is powerful because..

but how do we harness this power.... and how should we even describe it?

The internet is literally awash with billions of links to unique content. These links or ‘Tags’ are not owned by anyone.. in fact they are almost always created by web-users and then effectively co-opted by web businesses inside ‘walled gardens’.

We think its time to set them free

The value of an independent personalised interest feed 

 There is no reason why personal data sorting and people-search can not be as autonomous and independent as a Bitcoin transaction. In fact, levels of data-privacy and data-security in a non-financial platform such as this will not be subject to the kind of KYC controls commonly involved with Bitcoin transactions.

‘SELF-PROCESSING’ The software will allow the user make use of their substantial processing-power and increasingly high bandwidth to acquire a massive personal library of tags, (being trusted user-generated web-links, and links to other user’s profiles) which are automatically tailored to each individual, using new proprietary technology. Creating individual knowledge-banks, and collectively, a massive global library of the ‘best-stuff’ for each person, in a system controlled by people not corporations.

SELF-PROFILING’ The software will let the user manage their own ‘Behavioural-Targeting’. In other words, why let Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook or any other company attempt to form some kind of a profile of you and then effectively sell that information to advertisers, (and make billions of dollars) when you are in the best position to do that yourself. You can then use that ‘Self-Profile’ as a way to find things that people like you also like, and also to potentially filter and control advertising and vendor offers.


The following individuals have been either the key figures behind the initial project idea and its development through planning, system architecture design and modelling, or discussion of the nuances in relation to where the system would fit in, in the context of the wider P2P and business ecosystems.

Simon Edhouse

Managing Director

Mohammad Rafigh

Senior Developer

Thomas Vander Wal

Advisory Board

Michel Bauwens

Advisory Board

Bill McFarlane

Patent Attorney

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